Luminox ANU

Luminox ANU

Vi legger ut pressemeldingen Luminox sendte ut i forbindelse med lanseringen av denne unike klokken:

For over 20 years, Luminox has partnered with the world’s toughest maritime commandos to continuously hone and refine a watch tough enough and useful enough to be considered “first line gear” for the finest warriors. Today, we’ve taken the lessons of the past and the refinement capable in the present to develop our toughest and most specifically designed essential piece of timekeeping gear to date, the ANU (Authorized for Navy Use) watch series. In World War II, during the era of Frogmen and beach landings under fire, if a piece of diving gear wasn’t on the ANU list, you didn’t use it. In the early 1960s these Frogmen evolved into the most elite maritime commandos - the U.S. Navy SEALs. The ANU list of equipment provided these Frogmen of the past and the Navy SEALs of today with a sense of security that their gear would work when needed. It is with this same intent that we name these newly developed watches, the ANU series. We honor the legacy of these special operators by designing a watch that was conceived with a compilation of their input over the years, and is now manufactured in a manner that leverages the most advanced technology possible. This effort has resulted in a watch that functions perfectly in any environment, having performed under the toughest conditions and in the harshest environments during testing by these maritime commandos. No matter what environment you might find yourself in, you can be comforted knowing these watches have been there before on these elite warriors. Whether under the SEA, in the AIR, or on LAND; whether in high pressure or low pressure, day or night, the ANU series watches from Luminox will serve you well and function perfectly. Luminox is honored to have been asked to create this latest series for these elite warriors. If you have an essential mission then use authorized essential gear, ANU by Luminox.

Modellbetegnelse: 4221

Lagerstatus: På lager

kr 6 995


Diameter 45 mm

Urkassemateriale Rustfritt stål
Glass Safir
Låstype Spenne
Type: Herre
Urskivefarve Sort
Stil Sport
Vanntetthet 20 atm
Urverk Quartz
Urkassefasong Rund
Spesialfunksjoner Dato
Rem/Lenke Gummi

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